A whisper of winter lingers. Nights are consistently below freezing, but the days are warm enough. A crescent moon shines subtly among stars just as bright. The desert has shown us many sides as it slowly slips toward warmer days.

Sitting beside trail to indulge in some pond water, a tumbleweed tumbles past me. It carries on without pausing, guided by stiff gusts. Winds have been constant over the past week and encourage us to walk without many breaks, if any.

With so much precipitation recently, the desert glows green. Varying shades of sage pass by as I walk my pace. Pine trees stand among fallen needles, scarred from past fires and always thirsty for more precipitation.

Four weeks in and our legs are riding strong. A rhythm is being established while our hopes continue to build. Civilization keeps a steady simmer to remind us of it’s presence but out here, it can be easy to forget.

Knots –

Brian Cornell

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