Coming in 2020: The Hike of a Lifetime

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About the Push Beyond

We are a Veteran-founded outdoor media group dedicated to supporting charities. We have spent two years planning for our first adventure and have no intention of stopping now.

2020 – The Great Western Loop

The Great Western Loop is a 7,000 mile trail that passes through 9 western US states and features some of the most remote, hostile, and pristine environments including the Mojave Desert, the Sonoran Desert, 12 National Parks and 75 wilderness areas.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to motivate, stimulate, and fascinate viewers as they follow along on our epic adventures.  We want people to be able to do what they love while working to contribute to a cause they are truly passionate about.

Veteran-Owned, Charity-Focused

The Push Beyond is a Veteran-owned company that tests the limits of human capabilities through athletic endeavors. We want to document our athletes’  journey as they adventure around the world in an effort to raise money for charity.