Tyler Lau

AKA - "The Prodigy"

  • From Los Angeles, CA
  • Job: Outdoor Retail
  • Experience: PCT 16, JMT 16, Calendar Year Triple Crown (AT, CDT, PCT) 18, CT 18/19


Age: 33
Previous Thru-hikes: PCT 16, JMT 16, Calendar Year Triple Crown (AT, CDT, PCT) 18, CT 18/19).

What are some of your hobbies?
Rock climbing, yoga, peak bagging, trail running, writing.

So why are you doing the Great Western Loop?
I want to continue promoting more diversity, inclusion, and equity access in the outdoors.
It’s a challenge I’ve been looking at ever since completing a Calendar Year Triple Crown and a way to connect even more deeply with the west.

What do you think will get you to the end?
My mental fortitude.

What do you want to be remembered for? 
If I can help one person change their life for the better, I believe my life will have been worth it.

How would your parents describe you?
Quietly determined.

What’s your luxury item?
A battery pack.

Who is the person you look up to most and why?
My parents, because they had very little growing up and worked hard to provide a life for our family whilw encouraging me to pursue my passions.

Three words to describe yourself?
Humble, honest, nerd.

Describe your perfect day on trail.
30-ish miles with a swim in the middle and a sunset camp site to end the day . . . oh and no mosquitoes.

What would be the reason for you NOT to finish?
Family emergency or Travel Channel asks me to host a new season of “No Reservations.”