Claire Moffatt

AKA - "Toggs"

  • From Red Deer, AB
  • Job: Family Doctor
  • Experience: CDT '19


Age: 28
Previous Thru-hikes: CDT ’19.

What are some of my hobbies?
Cross-country skiing, hiking (obviously), camping, knitting, baking sourdough, brewing Kombucha, and traveling.

So why are you doing the great western loop?
I’m happiest when I’m in the mountains with a backpack on. This has been true as long as I can remember. The longer I get to be in that space, the better! 🙂
I’ve also recently completed several goals that I’ve been working towards for years and need some new objectives!

What do you think will get you to the end?
Commitment, grit, powdered potatoes, jalapeno potato chips, laughter, the overwhelming beauty of the world and the ability to explore more of it. 

What do you want to be remembered for?
Being kind, working hard, doing things that matter, advocating for others.

How would your parents describe you?
Stubborn, silly, strong-willed, compassionate, and away too often . . . 

What’s your luxury item?
Sit pad, Jetboil.

Who is the person you look up to the most and why?
Paul Farmer is one person – he works tirelessly towards improving global health outcomes globally in an evidence based way. Anyone who is willing to deprive themselves and inconvenience themselves to better the world is worthy of admiration.

Three words to describe yourself?
Enthusiastic, Passionate, Flexible.

Describe your perfect day on trail?
I slept well and wake up before dawn. The sunrise is coloring the sky as I start walking. The day is tough but doable, there are hard climbs but rewarding views (all about those views!) you feel accomplished and tired at the end of the day. You still have lots of potato chips left. 

What would be the reason for you NOT to finish?
Injury, family emergency.