Partner with Us!

Want to get involved? We are actively seeking sponsors to make this project happen!

The Benefit

Sponsors and partners supporting the GWL Challenge can reap a wide range of benefits unavailable from typical event programs, including: 

  • Your product could be featured on our show on Outside TV, gaining access to 65 million viewers over the course of this 9 month journey
  • 12+ full months (pre-event training and on trail) of custom media, advertising & PR content
  •  Product placement & usage in real time / authentic situations 
  • Fan contests & promotions tied to hiker performance and milestones 
  • “Hike-along” opportunities to sponsor influencers, celebrities, athletes or contest winners to join the teams on certain hike segments 
  • Charity affiliation and support with tax credit opportunities 
  • Multi-state campaign exposure 
  • Affiliation with a record-breaking achievement
  •  Custom opportunities crafted to meet partner goals/creative campaign ideas


Official Supplier opportunities range from gear and supply donations. Sponsorship opportunities range from $10K – $150K and can be tailored to meet your budget. Categories available for key partnership opportunities include but aren’t limited to:

  • Support Team & Vehicles
  • Equipment/Tools
  • F&B and Nutrition
  • CE, Tech, & Wearables
  • Apparel
  • Photo/Video
  • Equipment & Svcs
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Print/Digital Media
  • Environment & Green Tech
  • Shelter & Survival
  • Water & Filtration
  • Healthcare
  • Fishing Gear

Are you a Content Creator?

We are actively looking for content creators to participate and contribute to the content production of this challenge!