So, we’re getting closer and closer to this epic adventure and I can’t help but be terrified . . . I’m excited as well, wondering how far we will make it, who will reach the finish line, and how many people will even care that we did it?

Truthfully, I know we can make the miles. The team we’ve picked is full of amazing individuals, who – given the chance – will amaze and astonish even the most pessimistic of naysayers. So that has never been the problem. The problem is always the same: will I take the time to enjoy the journey or will I get caught up in finishing?

Now, it’s a little bit easier for me since I had to switch to the support vehicle (for reasons that make sense but aren’t really that exciting: I don’t drink and know I won’t get distracted and ever miss the deadline) but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ll still be hiking and will have to keep everyone on pace. I can’t really say for sure what kind of leader they’ll consider me to be, hell, I don’t even really know what the soldiers I commanded think of me – mostly because I’ve never asked them I guess. But I’m hoping by the end that we will all have not only made it but will of had an amazing experience along the way.

Here’s to hope. Here’s to dreams.

Toujours PrĂȘt.

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  • This is deeper than any non thruhiker may ever realize – “will I take the time to enjoy the journey or will I get caught up in finishing?” In fact, I can barely remeber any given day on my PCT thru hike wothout looking back on my journal. Wonderful self analysis, Trey. I’m sure your people will think of you a leader just as great as you know deep down you are.

    Stay solid.

Trey Cate

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