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From the Team:

Based on recent developments in the global COVID-19 pandemic, The Push Beyond team has spent much time discussing the steps we can take to prevent the spread of this virus. While spending time in the wilderness may seem like the definition of social distancing, thru-hiking is inherently tied to the towns and communities along the trail. Not only are these communities home to vulnerable populations, most do not have the infrastructure necessary to adequately respond to COVID-19 outbreaks. In addition to the CDC’s guidelines, we are taking further steps to ensure we are acting in socially responsible ways and do not bring the pandemic to these otherwise isolated communities. 

This next section of the Great Western Loop is removed from established trails. Hiking through desolate wilderness, we will have nearly zero contact with outside communities and individuals for the next month. Under no circumstances will any of The Push Beyond team deliberately interact with small towns or vulnerable populations. We are provisioned, vehicle-supported, and currently taking precautions to keep ourselves and others safe. 

We appreciate the community’s concern and are willing to adjust our plans as necessary. Another update will be provided after thirty days of isolation. Thank you for your support and we hope to continue sharing this journey with you all soon.


They will push themselves to their limits, while trying to accomplish something most only dare to dream of. This will not be easy, this will not be quick, but this will be an ADVENTURE: 7,000 miles, 304 days, and a lot of sunscreen later, they will reach their end. This is what these athletes are all about . . . that and snacks. Like, lots of snacks . . . they’re almost always hungry, it’s really starting to concern us.

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